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  1. While we have the capacity to dispose of any materials, not all items can be safely transported and disposed of in our roll off dumpsters. Here you will find a list of items that cannot be placed in any Atlanta dumpster rental.


We prohibit the following items in our dumpsters:


  • Paint

  • Batteries

  • Refrigerators

  • Freezers

  • Gas or Oil Food Waste

  • Mattresses & Tires are charged at an additional cost per unit, please call for pricing.


We do accept concrete and Railroad ties, but the items must be placed in a dumpster by themselves.  If you have any questions regarding our prohibited items please feel free to contact us for clarification. 


Dumpsters may not be filled above the top railing or we cannot transport them! We can help dispose of the above items with alternative measures.  Please contact us directly for a quote if you need to dispose of any of the above items. 


Atlanta Dumpster Rental Precautions and Warnings

There is nothing worse than having your project grind to a halt because of an accident that could have been avoided. Allowing waste materials to pile up around your job site is unsafe and when work ceases you lose time and money. Construction roll off dumpsters are a must for the safety and cleanliness of your job site, but if used improperly somebody is going to get hurt.

Don't put yourself or your fellow workers in this situation. The following are important safety tips to adhere to when working around a rented roll off dumpster:


  1. Placement - Avoid the danger of electrocution by parking your rented roll off dumpster away from power lines.

  2. Do not overfill - Your waste material should never exceed the height of your rented roll off dumpster walls. The maximum fill line cannot exceed the top of the container. Further, if you are loading a construction dumpster with heavy material such as asphalt, concrete, dirt or gravel, do not fill the dumpster more than 3/4 up.

  3. Toxic material - Never put toxic, hazardous or flammable material into a rented roll off dumpster.

  4. Pests - Rented roll off dumpsters are a formidable pest attractant. Be alert for animals, bees and other insects. Mice and rats tend to congregate around dumpsters, especially if food has been thrown in.

  5. Dress for work - Wear appropriate safety attire when you work near a roll off dumpster. Safety attire may include, but should not be limited to: hardhats, goggles, long pants, and steel toed boots.


By taking these necessary precautions you will minimize the chance of anyone getting hurt at your home or job site.


Our rules are simple:


Anything containing hazardous materials should be disposed of safely and NOT in the roll off dumpster. That means no batteries, tires, car parts, paint, appliances, electronics, oil any other materials that either are toxic or may contain toxic materials.

Unless you can fit it in the dumpster, do not leave additional trash at the dumpster site. This was a big problem for us until our homeowner's association decided to order an additional dumpster. Never underestimate how many roll off dumpsters to rent, people in the Atlanta Metro area accumulate lots of trash and our trees and shrubs need pruning all the time.


Clean-up day is not only advantageous for the overall appeal of our subdivision it also gives us an opportunity to meet new neighbors and forms a sense of community. 

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